Our Mission

The primary mission of the Edwardsville Community Housing Alliance is to increase the supply of housing in Edwardsville that is accessible and affordable to persons and families.
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In a gentrifying and prosperous community like Edwardsville, there are populations that can ultimately be left out of the housing market.
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In addition to people who earn wages of $15 or less per hour, seniors and persons with disabilities may be left with few opportunities.
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ECHA supports developing housing for all people not effectively served by the existing housing market.

Who We Are

ECHA represents a timely cause, and our future depends on people joining the few of us who have begun this organization. To thrive we need committed local advocates and a Board of Directors, input from a variety of interests, and collaboration from City government.
Please consider joining us. There are many ways to help with this cause.
Our community can benefit from people who are:
  • interested in educating themselves about affordable housing
  • willing to host an educational event
  • willing to interview people with lived experience
  • willing to speak at a virtual or in-person public event
  • willing to share personal or family members’ lived experience
  • willing to learn about or visit existing housing developments and programs in other places etc.
  • able to help conduct a survey
  • able to serve on a board of directors that meets monthly

Background on Affordable Housing in Edwardsville

Edwardsville Race Relations and Equality Report

A timely reason to address affordable housing is the publication and support for the Race Relations and Equality Report issued by the City in December of 2020. There are multiple calls in the report for new efforts to address housing affordability. Learn more:

Edwardsville’s 2010 Comprehensive Plan

The City of Edwardsville had the foresight to address affordable housing in its Comprehensive Plan in 2010, which continues to provide a good basic framework for addressing current affordable housing needs. Learn more:

Perspective on Edwardsville

Edwardsville has historically been a more inclusive, integrated community than others in Madison County. Learn more:

How can I apply for affordable housing?

We are a new organization and do not yet have the capacity to provide any housing—that is what we’re working to accomplish.
You can search for existing affordable housing developments, homeless resources, and local public housing authorities on-line at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: https://resources.hud.gov
Meanwhile, we’re happy to help in your search. Contact us at: edwardsvillecommunityhousing@gmail.com and we will provide a few suggestions on who you might contact to find out about affordable units.